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Silk scarf, intellectual beauty

A scarf can change a womanRandom winding, gentle call
Delicate woman knows to decorate oneself with scarf, clever collocation, collocation gives the 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings of the woman
In the ever-changing fashion world, scarves do more than keep out the cold
The unique charm of the scarf is irreplaceable by other pieces
Use a scarf for different combinations,To be sweet, or sexy, or elegant...
From the selection of fabrics, design, printing to the whole package, one-stop customized services, to show personal charm,
private enjoy the beauty of silk customization

Style of art
Contrast color
China's wind
Western style
Art derivative
Bring art (derivative) to life A number of collaborative art institutions

Collaborating artist:
Ms. Yan ping, vice President of Chinese artists association Ms. Li baijun, famous ink painter Famous painter zhang jinping miss Ms. Lu xue, President of the Chinese paper-cutting association Mr. Zhang Zhongting, vice President of Shandong Calligrapher's Association

Let the work of the pen touch, color saturation to preserve
Silk mask/eye mask
Corporate culture gifts customization
From design and production to packaging, tailored for enterprises silk gifts

Shanghai pudong development bank
Bank of Beijing
Amway corporation
China construction eight bureau
New Air Media
Wald group
Taiwan Xinxi International Co. LTD

Shanghai pudong development bank Amway corporation
The government of gift
The government of gift
Let Chinese silk go to the world The President of the republic of Malta, Mary Louise collereau preca visit the Exhibition stand of National Yun Silk

In April 2018, it won the design Category silver award in the National Mahogany Tourism Product Innovation Design Competition for "hand-painted silk scarf with bamboo reflecting peach blossom".
In 2018, it was awarded the shandong province tourism service famous brand enterprise award. Under the national "One Belt And One Road" development strategy planning, it inherits the mission of "promoting national art and spreading silk culture", and becomes a first-class silk scarf customization enterprise.
The President of the Republic of Malta, Mary Louise Collereau Preka, spoke highly of the silk art works of the country.

马耳他共和国总统  玛丽·路易斯·科勒略·普雷卡
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