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What is the sweetest gift for valentines day


Valentine's day is coming up on February 14, just before the Spring Festival, so this valentine's day is also very lively and solemn. Friends have been preparing gifts for more than a month in...

How to choose a silk scarf that suits your face shape?


Round face: the face is full of people, if want to let the face looks like some fresh, to be able to hang silk scarves of some stretched as far as possible, focusing on the vertical sense, and pay att...

How to collect silk scarves?


Silk scarves can be used to hang trousers for a special hanger, first put the silk scarf in a cloth to hang again, so that the wrinkling can be avoided. Fold material silk scarf is best rolled into re...

All kinds if scarves for you to choose


[Han Zuoyun] is the Phoenix The Phoenix has appeared. silk auspicious symbol of God, one of the Chinese traditional decorative patterns of ancient. Phoenix fly nine days, the body seems to be accompan...

What is ice marks batiks


Waxdye, formerly known as "wax valerian", is one of the famous "four valerian" (waxing, hinged, pinching and grey valerian) processes in ancient China. Batik, that is to use wax as...

Customize your special silk scarf


Can the painting and calligraphy, photography, folk custom, cultural and creative elements in the cultural and creative design, with scarves, clothing, handicrafts and other carriers will show custome...

All kinds of scarves,wool scarf,cashmere scarf and silk scarf


The scarf is designed with a variety of accessories, and the bright yellow and orange colors make it look bright and warm. Unique design and composition, the scarf has a strong foreign flavor, and a m...

How to identify the authenticity of silk?


1.Identificate Numbers Silk and satin is a unified product number, the product number is composed of five Arabic   numerals. The five digits are from left to right first digit full silk...

How does the silk scarf get hot?


(1) after the towel is cleaned, it is in a semi-dry and semi-wet state.(2) warm and hot, turn the towel on the back, and a quarter of it is slowly and laterally hot. Do not press the seams of the edge...

Hand Painted High Quality Hot Selling Lotus Parrern Silk Scarf


The scarf is inspired by sunset poured under the lotus lotus blooming beauty, with gold, like the Buddha under the seat of the lotus, lingqibiren, magnificent. Show lotus graceful gestures with exquis...

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