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All kinds of scarves,wool scarf,cashmere scarf and silk scarf


The scarf is designed with a variety of accessories, and the bright yellow and orange colors make it look bright and warm. Unique design and composition, the scarf has a strong foreign flavor, and a m...

How to identify the authenticity of silk?


1.Identificate Numbers Silk and satin is a unified product number, the product number is composed of five Arabic   numerals. The five digits are from left to right first digit full silk...

How does the silk scarf get hot?


(1) after the towel is cleaned, it is in a semi-dry and semi-wet state.(2) warm and hot, turn the towel on the back, and a quarter of it is slowly and laterally hot. Do not press the seams of the edge...

Hand Painted High Quality Hot Selling Lotus Parrern Silk Scarf


The scarf is inspired by sunset poured under the lotus lotus blooming beauty, with gold, like the Buddha under the seat of the lotus, lingqibiren, magnificent. Show lotus graceful gestures with exquis...

Where does the silk scarf come from


In the middle ages around the middle ages, cloth scarves from northern France, which began in northern Europe or ancient times, were considered the originals of modern scarves. After the middle of the...

How to choose the suitable color for your own silk scarf


The choice of silk scarves and your color quarter and wearing style are closely related. Your color range from head to toe is determined by the color of your hair, eyes, and skin. It is divided into s...

How about silk scarves in glory silk?


Shandong Guo Yun silk Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shandong Silk Research Institute. The main products of silk production, research, new product development, creative design, hand-painted scarves and t...

Christmas and the annual New Year day are coming,what will you give to your relatives and friends


Christmas, New Year's day is coming, many people are worried about what gifts to send to relatives and friends, the Glory Silk Product Company give you some tips.Along with the ceaseless impr...

How to select a tie


It is an art to creating and picking out a proper tie. A necktie can say a lot about you and convey your personality to others. First, thinking about the shape and size of a tie. When lookin...

How to wear a square silk scarf


There are a few styles for you.1.Tie it in the bandit style. Lay your scarf flat on a table. Fold two of the corners to meet each other, creating a triangle. Place the scarf around your neck with...

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