The goddess of happiness day Han Zuoyun silk scarf brand in shandong province womens federation scarves kun tiedye study series activity a complete success!


To celebrate the 108th anniversary of international women's day "38", [Han Zuoyun ® silk scarf 】 brand in shandong province women's federation held scarves kun tie-dye study serie...

Shandong glorysilk company activities


In the country of silk articles "intangible cultural heritage - tie" into the Shandong College of Arts classroom, bring a fun, open up a fresh outlook to inherit traditional art lecture Chin...

Shandong Glory Silk Co., Ltd. Won The National Peach Culture Tourism Commodities Design Award


By the Shandong Provincial Tourism Industry Association, Tai'an City People's Government hosted the "2017 National Taomu Tourism Commodities Innovation Design Competition and the National...

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