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Shandong Glory Silk products Company is invited to attend the 2017 asean (Bangkok) China import and export commodities exhibition


2017, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) (Bangkok) China import and export commodity exhibition held in Bangkok IMPACT international conference and exhibition center, the aggregates s...

Logo print silk scarf customization achievement love beautiful woman


                  Since ancient times, the tools, clothes, and everything that people use are beautiful. Simpl...

One Belt And One Road Fly/2017 World Expo In Kazakhstan Astana


Han Zuoyun culture art silk scarves will attend 2017 world expo in kazakhstan astana, China Shandong cycle. One Belt And...

Silk Scarf-Enhance Temperament


Silk scarf refers to the silk as raw material processing and production of scarves. Nowadays, silk scarf are not only precious and exquisite decorations, but also presented friends and family of preci...

Shandong Glory Silk Products Co., Ltd won the China (Shandong) Arts and Crafts Fair


By the Shandong Provincial Arts and Crafts Association, organized by the "2017 ninth China (Shandong) Arts and Crafts Fair" from May 19 to May 22 held as scheduled, this event to "carry...

The Special Effect of Silk and Its Wearing Effect


Silk fabrics have their own unique features, in addition to its most common comfort, delicate texture soft and smooth, and it has a strong hygroscopic moisture resistance, reduce noise, dust feat...

Peach silk scarf more than one story


Fashion temperament, peach silk scarf more than one story!Silk scarf, water is like satiny, smoke is like soft, cloud is like elegant, just like a painting in Chinese ink, rendering a soft a...

Tie-dye through time and space


Shandong Glory Silk Products Co. ,Ltd goes with intangible cultural heritage ---tie-dye into Shandong University of Arts. A speech was given there for the successor of the Chinese traditional art and ...

Shandong Glory Silk Products Co. ,Ltd helps you realize your dream


Shandong Glory Silk Products Co. ,Ltd helps you realize your dream. We warmly congratulate little beauty on being admitted to Boston's top private art high school. She makes her picture intosilk s...

A heaven-made match of silk scarf and painting


Painting can be presented perfectly as silk scarf.The power-and-power union will make silk quintessence more fashionable. Shandong Glory Silk brings you a different sense of beauty. So we call it...

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