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Han zuo yun silk scarf brand with traditional auspicious patterns custom silk scarves, playing with the Chinese wind.


      Pomegranate is a symbol of many children and many blessings. A large fruit has a small number of small particles, and the film is neatly separated into several parts, th...

How to wear a scarf based on your face shape?


        Round face, the face is full of people, if want to let the face looks like some fresh, to be able to hang silk scarves of some stretched as far as possible, ...

The silk gift scarf is customized to create the most creative gift for lovers in 2018.


Creative lovers gifts in 2018: diy tie-dyed silk scarves and scarf customization.       Homemade gifts are always more meaningful than direct purchases and are easier to ...

An elegant, private custom scarf to contract your fashion for a year.


the silk scarf qiao collocation can make your temperament more outstandingAs a decoration, silk scarf has extremely strong functionality, so using silk scarf, can raise a number: long business travel ...

Material properties of custom silk scarves


Silk, bright beautiful, noble, certain content of straight wire, can make the product more smooth feel, organize more dense, rich luster, comfortable, elegant, elegant, has the good elasticity strengt...

Cashmere scarf is an expensive fashion accessory, as well as a gift for friends and relatives.


        The cashmere scarf is divided into knitted scarves and woven scarves. Knitting scarves similar to cashmere sweater, with flat knitting machine to produc...

National soccer game event promotional customized design 100% acrylic knitted football


There is a youth called Kobe Kobe, December 19th No. 8 and No. 24 Jersey, waiting in front of the computer at dead of night, the crowded auditorium pain to the hoarse voice, engraved with Kobe's n...

Jinan scarf customization manufacturers, creating the most satisfactory silk gifts for customers


      In recent years, people advocate green and healthy life, more and more on line all around and live a more strict requirements and standards, especially for the material of scarf, ...

China silk "technology inheritance · fashion silk scarf" won the award of the second jinan womens home entrepreneurship competition


         "Towards a new era, new journey" the second session of jinan "springs" female entrepreneurship competition awards at home and entre...

Custom design digital print wholesale silk scarf


Silk woven by history and culture, like a thousand years of craft painting, has also made a wonderful fabric. Shandong national silk is constantly improving and improving on the way of creative design...

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