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  • Four seasons with silk scarf, wear a new fashion attitude
    Four seasons with silk scarf, wear a new fashion attitude2017-11-11

    Why do some women always face the problem of clothes shortage? In fact, it is not the clothes in almirah less, but do not know how to match these clothes up fashionable and western style, so think should add some more fashionable. In fact, as long as the proper collocation, these basic style can still wear a fashion attitude. Thats where the all-purpose accessory cloud scarves come in. Spring is warm still cold, cowboy, shirt these basic clothes always feel...

     Cloud silk scarf can enjoy the beauty of silk scarf customization
    Cloud silk scarf can enjoy the beauty of silk scarf customization2017-11-11

    As people are becoming more and more picky about scarves, more and more people choose silk scarves customization, which is a typical experiential consumption, that is, consumers participate in the design and production of silk scarves, creating a consumption pattern with strong sense of customer participation and unforgettable aftertaste. In this way, the silk scarf is no longer just a simple silk scarf, but the customers own participation in the creation o...

    Cloud scarves create a new era of silk scarves
    Cloud scarves create a new era of silk scarves2017-10-30

    Cloud Scarf was founded by Ms. Han Zuoyun in 2015. With Chinese Dutch culture as the design theme, it has been popular among consumers since its launch. Due to thousands of years of cultural accumulation, lotus themed silk scarves are highly regarded by people both at home and abroad. With her original lotus design, elegant taste and limited edition production, Ms. Han Zuoyun creates a new era of silk scarves by perfectly integrating silk scarves with beaut...

    Autumn is the best season for silk scarves
    Autumn is the best season for silk scarves2017-10-10

    Silk gifts - Custom scarves are a must-have item for a year-round outfit. Especially in this awkward fall season when its hot and cold less, a custom scarf is definitely your best choice. Even if there is only a simple shirt, a dated skirt in your almirah, but the pure silk scarf of trifling design each different does an ornament, can perfect beautiful burst a whole autumn, reveal fashionable good grade. Beauty is not fashionable, often is the difference be...

    Tailored wool scarves are comfortable and stylish
    Tailored wool scarves are comfortable and stylish2017-09-26

    Its scarf season again! Custom wool scarf - Design combination to make wool scarf style sublimation. The wool material is warm and not dull, and has enough length to make a custom wool scarf not only very comfortable but also look very stylish. For an autumn trend, a scarf can be the perfect fall outfit, but how hard is it to find the right one? You want a scarf to keep you warm when winter comes, but you dont want it to be so heavy that you cant wear a swe...

    Good image starts from silk scarf customization
    Good image starts from silk scarf customization2017-09-25

    Silk scarves have always been as important a part of every womans wardrobe as a mans tie. Whether youre going to the office or a business meeting, attending a formal party, or even on a romantic date with your partner, scarves add flavor and style to your outfits. If you want to have an avant-garde look, then you have a good choice to customize a silk scarf, which is a very popular thing these days. At some point, you may need to attend a company meeting th...

    Cheongsam | fangfei time, charming poetry
    Cheongsam | fangfei time, charming poetry2017-06-09

    Qipao, poetry, women should be put together to talk, qipao with its flowing melody and rich poetic sentiment to show womens virtuous, elegant, soft, it is a complex of Chinese women, is engraved in the beauty of Chinese women. cheongsam Like a tie of old words, And like a graceful poem. The ancient alley, Bluestone, Lilac woman wrapped in cheongsam, A little bitterness, Its a curl. Holding an oilpaper umbrella, The fragrance is flowing, In the misty rain of...

    Artistic silk scarf custom
    Artistic silk scarf custom2016-12-08

    The combination of silk scarf and oil painting art presents the perfect combination of contemporary multi-culture and practice, and enhances the creative vitality of culture and art. Display a colorful oil painting on soft silk, making decorating your scarf not an accessory but an art. The aesthetic feeling in the oil painting is reflected through the silk scarf, so that our life is full of rich artistic flavor. Each silk scarf, records the fragments of tim...

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