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Use of ice pack and cold compress sleep eye mask

By:GLORY SILK     Date:31/07/2021
Dry eyes and tired eyes have long become a common problem for office workers in the company. When working on the computer for a long time, excessive use of the eyes and the suitability of various skin care products and long-term wearing of invisible eyes can also cause eye areas. Discomfort
Sleeping goggles with cold compresses can relieve fatigue around the eyes, relieve work pressure, and give the eyes a comfortable feeling.
Use one:
Used to relieve eye fatigue
Ice application around the eyes can promote the blood circulation system, ease eye congestion, and avoid dark circles and bags under the eyes;
Use two:
Used to take a nap or to block the light when you need to rest during a business holiday
It is suitable for people taking a nap or going out on vacation, blocking the light source, and constructing a beneficial natural environment for sleep quality.