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Let yourself go to meet the unknown new happiness

By:GLORY SILK     Date:18/05/2021
Real silk curling iron, using mulberry silk as raw material, you can curl up your desired curly hair style without heating.
Divide the hair on the left and right sides, wrap it around the curling iron, and fix it with hair loops. The size of the curl shape depends on the length of the binding time.
The silk curling iron is easy to operate, and after fixing it, you can free your hands for other things. You can relax and entertain, you can also go to sleep without being affected.
The silk curling iron will not damage the hair or pull the hair, because the silk can also maintain the hair very well.
Curly hair is fast, convenient and stylish. Whether it is a romantic eversion or a retro inversion, I believe you will try it if you love beauty, and let yourself be greeted by unknown new joys.