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Silk curling iron without heating

By:GLORY SILK     Date:02/04/2021
The silk curling iron is made of mulberry silk fabric. The silk fabric has a soft and delicate texture and has been liked by more and more people in recent years.
The silk curling irons are neatly routed and are available in multiple colors. Mulberry silk is natural animal egg fiber and the main raw material in silk fabrics. It is smooth, soft, shiny, and has the feeling of warm in winter and cool in summer, and the phenomenon of "silking" during friction.

Since the silkworm is not polluted during the process from eating mulberry leaves to spinning to silk, it is a highly recommended product, and because it is a protein fiber, it is a porous substance with good air permeability and hygroscopicity.

Silk curling iron, you can change from straight hair to curly hair without heating. It is convenient and practical to roll out beautiful "wavy curls" while protecting the hair quality. One silk curling iron is equipped with 2 real silk hair loops, and the silk hair loops can be used alone. .