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A silk pillow towel that keeps the cheeks silky smooth

By:GLORY SILK     Date:27/02/2021
You will spend about a third of your life in contact with bedding. Many times you will wake up to find unpleasant marks on your face. Did you ever think that those marks would turn into wrinkles?
So, the texture of the pillow towel is very important. There are a lot of silk fabrics for pillow covers.
Natural silk is a natural protein fiber composed of 18 kinds of amino acids, it is different from cotton and chemical fiber, it is very similar to the chemical results of human skin, has a good compatibility, to nourish and protect the skin has a considerable effect.
And use real silk fabric to serve as pillow towel, tactility is silky, cool, can caress the skin, let the cheek maintain the smooth like silk, still can maintain what show hair is supple and smooth.