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Silk pillowcase printing can be added LOGO wholesale customization

By:GLORY SILK     Date:04/02/2021
Silk pillowcase is called "beauty pillowcase", silk pillowcase is silky, cool, sleeping, no matter how to squeeze friction, a face is not easy to wrinkle. Because silk is composed of animal protein and contains 18 kinds of natural porous protein fiber components needed by human body, it has a good regulating effect on blood circulation during sleep, and can nourish human skin and enhance skin vitality.
Our pure silk pillowcases, made of mulberry silk, are of assured quality. The company can do silk dyeing and digital printing. Silk pillowcase edges pay attention to detail. We have silk pillowcases with zippers and envelope designs. There are adults and children. Material is different, size is different, price is also different. Our standard size silk pillowcases are: 51*66cm,51*76cm,52*91cm.