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The country contains silk culture of the third ~ silk umbrella

By:GLORY SILK     Date:20/07/2020
  The umbrellas we usually see are those with a single color or those with a big LOGO and words printed on them. This printing process is made by silk-screen printing. Can cartoon characters or complex landscape patterns also be made by silk-screen printing? The answer is definitely not! Generally complex patterns, like people or landscapes, etc., we are through the digital printing to achieve the national satin umbrella! Digital printing umbrella is generally referred to as the umbrella surface through digital spray or digital printing to achieve the umbrella. And one of the digital inkjet is for the amount of less, but strict requirements on the pattern will use digital inkjet; If it is a large volume are directly open digital printing version. Digital printing can solve many problems that screen printing can not solve, it can greatly improve the beauty and complexity of the umbrella pattern. So that even the most complex, difficult patterns can be presented in our umbrella.
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