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Cashmere scarf factory manufacturer national Aggregates silk

By:GLORY SILK     Date:17/07/2019
Cashmere scarf production and processing custom factory which good?
Shandong Guoyun Silk Products Co., LTD. Is an original design and customized processing enterprise of medium and high-end silk scarves, ties, scarf fabrics and other products. The company owns advanced printing equipment imported from REGGIANI, USES Tioxide environmentally friendly pigment, and adopts strict quality management system. Its annual production capacity reaches 3 million pieces.
The company's products have passed the CMA certificate, GOTS certificate and the US SGS certification. The products have won many design awards, and the "Silk Road Dream, Green Shandong" scarf designed and produced was used in The 2017 World Expo Astana, Kazakhstan.


Shandong Guoyun silk Products Co., LTD. Inherits the mission of "spreading silk culture and carrying forward national culture" and becomes a world-class silk scarf customization enterprise.
With the One Belt And One Road construction products exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Italy, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria and other more than 50 countries and regions to the world!