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Let Chinese silk go to the world

By:GLORY SILK     Date:13/07/2019
Adhering to the mission of spreading silk culture and carrying forward national craftsmanship, China Silk has been invited to participate in various international exhibitions for many years and won many design awards, showing the elegant demeanor of Chinese silk to the world.
International exhibitions in recent years in which The National Aggregates silk has participated:

Designated supplier for Expo 2017 Astana


Shandong is the birthplace of Confucian culture, Confucius was born here, Mount Tai rose here, the Yellow River enters the sea here. At the Astana World Expo, the designers took the theme of "Silk Road building Dream, Green Shandong", and integrated shandong landmark buildings, historical sites, culture, customs and other design elements. The silk scarves are made with 100% silkworm silk, hand-rolled edge, strong cultural atmosphere and exquisite workmanship, demonstrating the charm of a big country. The packing box is made of elegant and free from vulgarity, with earthy red waist seal, the whole is pure and elegant, low-key luxury, pure and noble.

          Special guest of ASEAN (Bangkok) China Import and Export Fair 2017


Asean (Bangkok) China Import and Export Fair 2017 was held at IMPACT International Convention and Exhibition Center in Bangkok. Guyun Silk was invited to participate in the exhibition, which was widely praised by leading experts. The product information department of the exhibition stand was crowded with people, and each silk scarf was widely welcomed. Influenced by the ancient silk road of China and the modern One Belt And One Road, national silk silkworm scarves are widely favored and sought after by merchants by virtue of the origin advantage of 6A class silk in shandong province with mulberry and silkworm breeding. As the pioneer of Jinan silk scarves industry in Shandong province, Guoyun Silk adopts high-quality silkworm silk, professional original design team, strict production process, green and healthy life concept to create fashionable lotus silk scarves in line with modern aesthetics, which is widely recognized by people inside and outside the industry.


              2019 Beijing Fair invited suppliers

Silk has always been a national gift of China, but also to show China's great meteorological a precious handicraft. In the Beijing Trade Fair, Hanzuoyun brand has spread the concept of "cultural silk" to friends all over the world. Many guests at the fair were puzzled, curious, fond and surprised at the beginning. Our cultural silk fabric has given a high degree of recognition. We are deeply aware that nowadays, people are more interested in the cultural connotation and historical background of silk fabrics than the craftsmanship and texture of silk fabrics. In the new era, we should develop new ideas and keep innovating. Our hanzuoyun brand will continue to advance on the road of Silk culture and make contributions to the booming development of foreign and Chinese trade.

Invited merchants of the 2019 SCO International Investment and Trade Fair

Countries accumulate silk silk culvert for cloud culture brand, as a special suppliers invited to participate in the exhibition, the meeting will be to "' to discuss, and sharing a demonstration example of the Shanghai cooperation organization place economic cooperation" as the theme, around "promote the interconnectivity, different mining sco cooperation" and "to promote investment and trade facilitation, boost sco cooperation new development" two project investment and trade liberalization and facilitation, regional financial center construction, small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation, energy cooperation, focus on such aspects as communication and cooperation between park and discussed in this paper.

Special guest of the 5th International Tourism Commodities Fair