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Hazuyun brand lights up the 2019 Tourism And cultural prod

By:GLORY SILK     Date:23/10/2019

Jinan International Tourism Trade Fair has gone through 16 years and has made fruitful contributions to the development of shandong tourism industry. This year's tourism fair highlights are many: outdoor exhibition hall rV camping attracts countless eyes, each destination booth in the image display at the same time, increased a lot of tourism features and cultural products. This also reflects another aspect of the changes in the tourism industry in recent years: the increasing emphasis on experience, local cultural implantation and the rapid development of tourism shopping.

The scope of exhibits covers travel agencies, tourism e-commerce, personalized tourism customization/local specialties, cultural tourism commodities, tourism cultural creative products, time-honored brands of Shandong, intangible cultural heritage commodities and derivatives.
The main purpose of Hanzuoyun is to display tourism cultural products with Quancheng characteristics and spread the concept of silk cultural derivatives. We specially designed for this exhibition "Quancheng impression" series silk scarves, silk notebooks, "Mag-Hua Autumn color" series silk cultural derivatives (including silk scarves, notebooks, tea banquet, umbrella, scroll, etc.) let people find it refreshing to stop and watch.

During the exhibition, Zhang Mingchi, deputy director of shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Zhiliang, director of Jinan Municipal Department of Culture and Tourism, and other department leaders visited the exhibition hall. Ms. Han Zuoyun will be responsible for the reception and guidance.


The two sides had a profound exchange on how to highlight the distinctive culture of Qilu and Jinan, and affirmed the concept of "Hanzuyun" brand silk cultural derivative.
In particular, hanzuoyun brand original design of "Quancheng impression" and "Mag-Hua Autumn color" series of silk scarves. After listening to Ms. Han Zuoyun's introduction of the design concept and cultural connotation behind the silk scarves, the two leaders made a careful observation of the products. They saw that our local enterprises in Jinan were now following the "cultural route", and the two leaders were very happy about the change.
Mr. Zhang and Mr. Zhi listened to Ms. Han Zuoyun's explanation of the cultural connotation of the "Impression of Quancheng" and the "Autumn Color of Magpie" scarves, and touched them personally.

This has been consistent with the concept of cultural silk products of Hanzuoyun brand, and reached an agreement with the cultural and creative products as the core of the exhibition. As early as this, The cultural tourism gifts designed by Hanzuoyun brand have won many important awards.
In the future, Hanzuoyun will continue to explore and move forward on the road of silk cultural derivatives. We also welcome friends from all walks of life, such as the tourism industry, gifts and culture, to exchange and cooperate with us.
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