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Guo Yun Silk has been invited to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization International Investment and Trade Fair

By:GLORY SILK     Date:25/05/2019

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) International Investment and Trade Fair was held on May 24 in Qingdao. 


Countries accumulate silk silk culvert for cloud culture brand, as a special suppliers to be invited to the event, the meeting will be to "' to discuss, and sharing a demonstration example of the Shanghai cooperation organization place economic cooperation" as the theme, around "promote the interconnectivity, different mining sco cooperation" and "to promote investment and trade facilitation, boost sco cooperation new development" two project investment and trade liberalization and facilitation, regional financial center construction, small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation, energy cooperation, focus on such aspects as communication and cooperation between park and discussed in this paper.
Vice President of The Federation of Pakistani Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mohamed attended and addressed.

The hanzuoyun brand offers a variety of exhibits. Including silk gifts, silk fabrics, cultural derivatives and so on.
Among them is the latest design, showing the style of Jinan "Magpie Autumn color" silk products series (silk scarves, silk notepad, umbrella, folding fan, tea mat, etc.).

In addition to qiuhua autumn series, this time also showcased the classic products exported to Europe and The United States in the past, as well as the cultural derivative products designed in cooperation with domestic famous enterprises, cultural units and artists.
Han Zuoyun brand design of "Magpie China autumn color" tea banquet, in the exhibition can especially attract public attention. Many domestic and foreign guests have stopped to watch the inquiry, praise constantly.

Hanzuoyun brand is committed to display art (characteristics), tie-dye, hand-painted, shadow puppetry, paper-cut, oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, photography works on silk scarves, which has become a more convenient carrier for communication, and has realized a more mature commercial value. Let the ordinary silk scarf inserted in the wings of art, let art dance commercial dance!
The appearance of Hanzuoyun brand not only shows the innovative expression of silk with Unique Chinese characteristics, but also reintroduces Chinese silk to the people of the world. The concept of "cultural silk scarves" has been introduced to the world and boosted the confidence of all silk people. In order to spread and promote Chinese traditional culture, display the cultural and artistic styles of China's great country to make a contribution!