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[National Aggregates silk] won the silver prize of the 16th Shandong Tourism Commodity Innovation Design Competition

By:GLORY SILK     Date:23/08/2018
      The 16th Shandong Province Tourism Product Innovation Design Competition and "Hospitable Shandong · Shandong Courtesy" brand tourism product display series activities have come to a successful conclusion. This activity brings together more than 40 brand tourism commodity enterprises in the province, a total of 1,159 entries series, products covering rural agricultural and sideline specialties, industrial products, cultural products, tourism equipment and other types.

      This activity is sponsored by Shandong Tourism Development Commission, and undertaken by Shandong Tourism Commodity Development service Center, Shandong Tourism Industry Association Tourism Commodity and Equipment Branch, and Shandong TV Station Financial Media Information Center. Guoyun Silk was invited to participate in the cultural and creative product creation exhibition. After the expert review decision, the "Impression Jinan Gift scarf" designed by independent innovation won the silver prize.
 [Han Zuoyun impression jinan Silk Scarves -- a panoramic view of the city]

      The designer takes jinan's various landmark buildings and local folk features as the material, and through artistic reconstruction and creation, endounds this silk scarf with the unique charm of fashion and avant-garde. The color splicing design of various elements integrates the characteristic nature of Quancheng, and the color splicing changes are rich and natural and harmonious. With pure color clothing collocation, in the complex and simple show the side of fashion personality.

【 Han Zuoyun impression Jinan Silk Scarves - Florence 】

      The designer took the central building of Jinan Hongjialou Catholic Church as the main visual symbol, and carried out artistic design and creation, which gave this scarf a different sense of space and art.
This quiet building is more like Florence in people's mind. The spirituality and peace of the capital of art endowed it with freedom and romance. It is gently placed on the shoulders, as if you were in the capital of flowers with a strong artistic atmosphere, showing the elegant and free beauty with every move.
Winning trophies
    With the goal of creating "star products" in the tourism commodity industry of Shandong, Guo-Accumulate silk aims to change the situation of lacking features, rich cultural connotation, low taste and single varieties of tourism commodities, so as to make the tourism shopping commodities develop towards the direction of branding, quality and high-end.