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Han Zuoyun traditional culture class begins! Inheriting the fine traditional Chinese culture.

By:GLORY SILK     Date:18/07/2018





Han Zuoyun silk scarf

Tie-dye, also known as winch, is an old skill of choosing ligation and dyeing, and is also one of the traditional Skills of Chinese craft dyeing. According to previous records, as early as in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, a large number of tangvalian silk tie-in dyeing has now been produced, at the time of tangvalian goods, there are relatively simple small cluster tricks, such as butterfly, wintersweet, begonia; There are also tricks of the whole picture, such as "valerian caviar" with small white dots, "Valerian agate" with larger dots, and "Valerian deer fetus" with purple and white spots resembling sika deer.

Tie-dye is an old textile dyeing skill in China, Dali called it knot-knotted fabric, knot-knotted flower. The processing process is to fold and tie the fabric, or sew and tie the fabric, and then immerse in the color pulp for dyeing, dyeing is with isatis root and other natural plants, so there is no harm to human skin.

Zen culture

The essence of Zen is wisdom, and the essence of Zen is wisdom -- the great wisdom peculiar to eastern culture.
The wisdom of Zen is the essence of the universe, the laws of nature, the origin of human inner life, and the perception and grasp of the nature of social things. Zen can nourish our wisdom root and make our life full of wisdom and fun.


Modern art
Modern art, also known as modern art, is difficult to have an accurate definition. Generally speaking, art called "modernism" or "modernism" refers to the general name of various artistic trends and schools that are different from traditional ones with avant-garde and avant-garde colors since the 20th century.