How do silk scarves match more?



      If the body is moderate, the complexion is white, the neck is slender, then you are suitable to wear colourful silk scarf, such as peach, lake blue, bright yellow, rose red and so on. On the design can choose big flower, broad grid, scatter, or the combination of abstract color block can. This will make you look more youthful, intelligent and competent.

      Some people are slightly plump, the neck is not long, should be very careful in wearing silk scarves. When wearing a collarless sweater, a soft, small, floral silk scarf will fit her. When wearing turtleneck sweater, don't match small square towel, want to deserve to go down to bosom long gauze is better. Don't choose colors too bright, choose a low purity purple, deep ruby blue, dark green, brown, and so on. Slim young women can choose to have a tension orange, lemon yellow, fruit green, in the crowd to jump, eye-catching role. Color of skin slants yellow women should avoid the purple and yellow, can choose milk white, blue lake, the green silk scarves, make their faces in scarves more white some women face is fat, can choose pure silk scarves to wear pinstripe or small pattern, avoid by all means big flowers, silk scarves. Color can be dark green, dark blue, black, brown, eggplant purple and so on.

      Silk scarf, it can protect the delicate skin not to be harmed by the cold wind, and prevent the loss of part of the body heat, to protect against cold. At the same time, it also plays an important adornment effect, the silk scarf that adorns in the neck, can make the collocation effect of whole outfit more perfect, it is the pen that makes the finishing point.

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