Han Zuoyun ® brand scarves in the 28th east China import and export fair on March 1 to 4th


Since 1991, the China fair has successfully held 27 sessions. The 27th was held at Shanghai new international expo center, east China fair exhibition area of 120900 square meters, with 5670 standard booths, and more than 3900 exhibitors, from 110 countries and regions of the world's 22140 customers and 13914 professional domestic customers to negotiate, and export volume totaled $2.317 billion.

The 28th east China import and export fair date is March 1-4, 2018, the exhibition location: Shanghai new international expo center, exhibition scale: the exhibition area of 115000 square meters, the booth number more than 6000. The exhibition covers five major theme exhibitions: apparel and apparel exhibition, textile fabric exhibition, household goods exhibition, decorative gift exhibition and series exhibition.

【 Han Zuoyun ® brand scarves 】 the main products is given priority to with mulberry silk scarves, wool and cashmere scarf, domestic trade, foreign trade at the same time, will be perfect show the product innovation design, the exhibition booth number E3F35, welcome interested friends to visit the exhibition.