How to choose a silk scarf that suits your face shape?


Round face: the face is full of people, if want to let the face looks like some fresh, to be able to hang silk scarves of some stretched as far as possible, focusing on the vertical sense, and pay attention to adhere to the integrity of longitudinal lines from head to foot, try not to the middle. Tie knot, select the appropriate dress themselves characteristics of bonding method, such as diamond, diamond flowers, roses, heart knot, cross, etc., avoid stack around the neck circumference too strong knot tie too horizontal and level.


Long face: the line method that puts the silk scarf at the edge of the hand to open and open is able to show the sense of ambiguity of the collar, it can weaken the feeling of the long face, such as lily knot, necklace knot, double knot, etc. Second, also can twist silk scarf to turn into slightly thick hemp, fasten a bowknot, do not gather too tight, want to make silk scarf naturally to droop, foil to give a vague sense of style.


Inverted triangle face: the inverted triangle face refers to the person from the forehead to the lower jaw, the width of the face is gradually narrowed, the face of the face is more monotonous, giving people a very severe feeling. This time can use silk scarf to make the neck rich layer feeling, with a messy and rich knot style, can have extremely good effect. Such as rose knot with leaves, necklace, blue flowers, etc. However, should be careful to reduce the number of silk scarves around, some of the drooping triangulation may be open to the natural, avoid too tight, and pay attention to the horizontal layers of the flowers.

After reading this article, you should understand the importance of silk scarf customization. Hurry to find the country of silk to customize one of its own exclusive silk scarves.