Han zuo yun silk scarf brand with traditional auspicious patterns custom silk scarves, playing with the Chinese wind.


      Pomegranate is a symbol of many children and many blessings. A large fruit has a small number of small particles, and the film is neatly separated into several parts, the ancient so-called thousand rooms with the membrane, a thousand children. As early as the six dynasties, pomegranate was used as a blessing for children and children. When people marry, they often put pomegranates in the desk of new houses or other places. The pomegranate is often associated with the hands of the Buddha and the peach, which means more than three years of life, that is, many blessings, many lives and many children.


      Peony pattern, a typical decorative pattern of China, with peony flowers as the theme. Since the tang dynasty, the peony has become a popular symbol of prosperity and happiness. In the song dynasty, it was called the flower of wealth, so it became a popular decoration on China. The peony grain is loved by people because of its auspicious meaning. It is also widely used in the sculpture of costume accessories and classical furniture.

      Bamboos reputation, a chrysanthemum patterns, one of the four gentlemen, mei shochiku, such as one of the poetic and common sense, are loved by people since ancient times, people praised bamboo is open-minded bamboo have thousands day.


Lotus pattern is one of the traditional Chinese traditional patterns of han nationality, and its rise is related to the prevalence of Buddhism, which is popular since the southern and northern dynasties. The word ho means harmony and beauty, which is used to celebrate the life and beauty of the newly married couple. It also symbolizes purity and peace.


The scarf is designed with the lotus flowers in full bloom and the lotus leaves in the pavilion. It expresses the happy and harmonious atmosphere of family harmony and family harmony. The warm coral pink is fresh and sweet, with sweet and sweet.

When the stone is polished, the American fan retains its fragrance. Fan modelling is rich, beautiful picture, pendant styles varied, considered a lucky, good splendid fan embedded silk silk, delicate and classic encounter, take you encounter a silky enjoy romantic primitive simplicity.


        Dragon pattern, one of bronze wares. In the traditional culture of some ethnic groups such as the han nationality, it is often used to symbolize xiangrui, one of the four sacred animals. The dragon is an ancient legend of the animal, it is said to be able to turn the sea, and the rain, very powerful. Dragon is a symbol of god, authority and nobility. The ancient people compared emperors to dragons. Therefore, since ancient times, the dragon has said that dragon grain is dedicated to the emperor.