Customize your special silk scarf


Can the painting and calligraphy, photography, folk custom, cultural and creative elements in the cultural and creative design, with scarves, clothing, handicrafts and other carriers will show customers a way different cultural needs, Shandong's Silk Products Co. Ltd. (China Yun Yun silk) through creative design, art with silk scarves and other ways to show a unique customer the demand of art.


One. How do you wash the silk scarf?            

(1) first, put the silk scarf into the cold water for 5-10 minutes, gently rub it with the special silk detergent, rinse it with water for several times, remember that it is not necessary to force it to twist after washing, so as not to wrinkle.            

(2) in the washing of the overshoot is absolutely avoid alkaline detergent, soap, detergent and disinfectant, to use neutral detergent to clean. Do not use more than 30 degrees of hot water washing.            

(3) silk scarves will fade more or less during cleaning. In order to keep the silk color fresh and soft, it is necessary to add a little white vinegar when rinsing.


Two, silk scarf how to dry?            

Washing silk scarves, it is best to bring water to dry, and dry, not in the sun, should not use the dryer heat drying, which can prevent the effects of fiber strength and color fastness.


Three, how does the silk scarf be ironed?            

(1) after the scarf is cleaned, it is in a semi dry and half wet condition to be ironed.            

(2) hot and hot, the silk scarf back up, 1/4 slowly transverse ironing. Do not press to the edge of the suture.            

(3) during the blanching, the irons are moved laterally from the central part, and then the upper and lower positions are changed. Scald the inside and then burn the edge.            

(4) it is best to hang the silk towel for a moment after the end of the ironing, and then the hot air is completely scattered and then collected.