All kinds of scarves,wool scarf,cashmere scarf and silk scarf


The scarf is designed with a variety of accessories, and the bright yellow and orange colors make it look bright and warm. Unique design and composition, the scarf has a strong foreign flavor, and a modern style. Wear on the body, reveal personality, light the whole shape, bring a warm and dazzling vivid color for the dreary winter day. Size: 140*140cm, material: wool.


The classic stripe of men's woolen scarf is the classic foundation of the fashion industry, and its permanent fashion comes from its classic color matching and versatile features. Scarf stripe design simple atmosphere, khaki neither stuffy nor overly bright eye, with all kinds of dress collocation is integration and mutual set off, is not match the man refused to take a money ten thousand good. With the business attire collocation, reveals the man's low-key and introverted charm; Tie-in recreational money, through a thick British style. Size: 180*30cm, material: wool.



When the weather gets cold, not only does the woman need the scarf, but the man also needs warm care. A men's silk flannelette scarf, warm wind, beautiful and concave shape, double-sided available, bring different style, lively festival, pure red blue green stripe side of delicate and fashion, can according to different occasions clothing optional collocation, show man glamour. Silk scarf size: 200*70cm, material: silk velvet.