How to identify the authenticity of silk?


1.Identificate Numbers

 Silk and satin is a unified product number, the product number is composed of five Arabic   numerals. The five digits are from left to right first digit full silk fabric is "1", chemical fiber fabric is "2", blended fabric is "3", tussah silk fabric is "4", rayon fabric is "5".

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2.Price discrimination

The price of silk fabrics is high, about four times that of chemical fiber and silk.

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3. Appearance discrimination

The luster of real silk is soft and even, bright but not dazzling; Artificial silk is bright and bright, but not soft and dazzling; The luster of polyester silk products is uniform but has bright bright spot or strip bright silk; The lustre of the silk fabric is poor, it seems to be coated with wax.


4. Distinguishing features

Real silk fabrics as silk sericin protection appearance and friction resistance, dry really rub silk goods will emit a sound, commonly known as "silk song" "silk singing", while the other fabric without the sound.

5. Combustion discrimination

Silk can be put into 84 disinfectant with a small amount of fiber, and the silk can be completely dissolved, while polyester and viscose are not.