How to discern real silk fabrics and imitate real silk fabrics


Most people like 100% silk fabric,and always want to buy silk fabric,but sometimes they didn't know which is 100% silk fabric,here are some ways for you to distinguish them:

  1. Appearance: this is our most intuitive method to distinguish real silk fabric and imitation silk fabric. Soft and smooth feel, elastic, easy to wrinkle; The colour and lustre that imitates real silk exterior is inferior to real silk downy, compare harsh, feel crisp, give crease easily, and restore original condition not easily. When we are buying this kind of bedding, the first-hand feeling that can rely on us will decide preliminarily is real silk or imitate real silk fabric.

  2 .Burn: silk fiber fabric combustion is relatively slow, shrunk into a group, burning when the smell of hair burning, no fire, burning will form a brittle black brown particles; Imitative real silk fabrics encounters fire to be able to have flame, after burning brim can have hard glue piece generation. When we are buying advisory, can ask guide to buy: do you have this to cut a head? Then get the severed head and burn it

3.Compare a price: the price of complete real silk fabric is chemical fiber, imitate real silk silks and satins about one time or so. Therefore, do not believe that some bad businesses, give you things very cheap, is likely to be fake, in fact, we can also find a few more than the price, the difference is too much too far, you know the basic.