The difference between digital print silk scarf and screen print silk scarf


Most clients always want to make double side print silk scarf,but different know the difference.Today I give you some introduction.


As for digital print silk scarf,the pattern usually clear on one side.It can accept low moq and didnt have strict requirement for the designs .So if you want to make small quantity silk scarf,choosing digital print scarf is better .


As for screen print silk scarf,it have both side printing effect,but it is not double side printing.Because the labor using hand to make printing,so the effect of color penetration is better.The downside is that you can't have too many colors and you can't mix them.Its moq is high, if you want to make the sample scarf, the sample fee is charged according to the color.


So when you custom made silk scarf,please see this information,and hope it may help you to save money.

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