The goddess of happiness day Han Zuoyun silk scarf brand in shandong province womens federation scarves kun tiedye study series activity a complete success!


To celebrate the 108th anniversary of international women's day "38", [Han Zuoyun ® silk scarf 】 brand in shandong province women's federation held scarves kun tie-dye study series of activities. From the noon of March 7th to the evening of March 8th, the activity has been held for six times, and has been well received by the leaders and friends, and has achieved a great success!


To dye in China about 1500 years of history, is China's traditional folk and unique dyeing process, rich demitint, change is natural, colorful, a kind of light color shading in one thousand, until now has become an important technology of the world treasure. It is not only an art feast for female friends, but also the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional culture.


Han zuo-yun tells about the history of tie-dye, the inheritance of modern tie-dye and the process of tie-dye, so that people can learn more about traditional culture in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Tie-dye is mainly tie knot and dye two parts. Han Zuoyun teacher demonstrates several tie pattern: round, square, strip shape and texture, and with the help of other tools such as keys, glass, wood, etc, tie, encourage everyone to imagination and positive creation.


Participation on one side of the goddess friends full of hope for silk scarves started his unique creation, in the hope that every line of the coil leads to the unknown.

Pure handmade crafts tie-dye, makes the absolute in the world can not find out the two color pattern or tonal feelings are exactly the same dye the cloth. Tie, folded seam width, elastic, density and so on various has don't accomplished tie-dye pattern of product design and color is differ in thousands ways, colorful.


When the tie is finished, it is dyed. The color of the dye, the length of the immersion time, can make the final dyeing results vary widely. Our professional tie-dye, according to their favorite color, respectively dyeing treatment.

Pattern of of all kinds, between natural dizzy, spread and leaching, splash, osmosis, fade in or fade out artistic effect, is a classic lasting appeal, disorderly strapping, bring surprises and nature


Each tie-dyed silk towel has a different lasting appeal, and the interesting part of tie-dye is its uncertainty, no matter how to tie, how to dye, will encounter an unexpected beauty. Until the moment of solving the mystery, it was the fate of a white silk, as interesting and interesting as the unknown and full of adventure.

Silk scarves kun tie-dye study series of activities to women more about understanding and expression of beauty, hoping that the world is a woman at the same time of infinite wisdom and creativity, brave pursuit of a better life, to live out their own wonderful.