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How to select a tie


It is an art to creating and picking out a proper tie. A necktie can say a lot about you and convey your personality to others. First, thinking about the shape and size of a tie. When lookin...

Silk Scarf-Enhance Temperament


Silk scarf refers to the silk as raw material processing and production of scarves. Nowadays, silk scarf are not only precious and exquisite decorations, but also presented friends and family of preci...

How to wear a square silk scarf


There are a few styles for you.1.Tie it in the bandit style. Lay your scarf flat on a table. Fold two of the corners to meet each other, creating a triangle. Place the scarf around your neck with...

How to choose a fall and winter scarf?


1. SIZERegarding the choice of a scarf, my motto is mostly “the bigger the better”.2. HOW TO WEAR IT?Either let the ends of the scarf loose on your chest or behind or tie the scarf aroun...

Shandong Glory Silk Products Co., Ltd won the China (Shandong) Arts and Crafts Fair


By the Shandong Provincial Arts and Crafts Association, organized by the "2017 ninth China (Shandong) Arts and Crafts Fair" from May 19 to May 22 held as scheduled, this event to "carry...

The Special Effect of Silk and Its Wearing Effect


Silk fabrics have their own unique features, in addition to its most common comfort, delicate texture soft and smooth, and it has a strong hygroscopic moisture resistance, reduce noise, dust feat...

How to Identify The Authenticity of Silk It


(1) Feel and Visual Method:a. Visual method, real silk pearl show shiny, shiny soft. The chemical fiber fabric gloss is not soft, bright glare.b. Silk fiber is slender and long, cotton ...

How to collect silk scarves?


Collection place should be avoided where the moisture is overweight and light shines through, and it is the most basic common sense of scarves collection. In addition, for sca...

Shandong Glory Silk Co., Ltd. Won The National Peach Culture Tourism Commodities Design Award


By the Shandong Provincial Tourism Industry Association, Tai'an City People's Government hosted the "2017 National Taomu Tourism Commodities Innovation Design Competition and the National...

Peach silk scarf more than one story


Fashion temperament, peach silk scarf more than one story!Silk scarf, water is like satiny, smoke is like soft, cloud is like elegant, just like a painting in Chinese ink, rendering a soft a...

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