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The silk gift scarf is customized to create the most creative gift for lovers in 2018.


Creative lovers gifts in 2018: diy tie-dyed silk scarves and scarf customization.       Homemade gifts are always more meaningful than direct purchases and are easier to ...

All kinds of scarves,wool scarf,cashmere scarf and silk scarf


The scarf is designed with a variety of accessories, and the bright yellow and orange colors make it look bright and warm. Unique design and composition, the scarf has a strong foreign flavor, and a m...

How to identify the authenticity of silk?


1.Identificate Numbers Silk and satin is a unified product number, the product number is composed of five Arabic   numerals. The five digits are from left to right first digit full silk...

An elegant, private custom scarf to contract your fashion for a year.


the silk scarf qiao collocation can make your temperament more outstandingAs a decoration, silk scarf has extremely strong functionality, so using silk scarf, can raise a number: long business travel ...

How does the silk scarf get hot?


(1) after the towel is cleaned, it is in a semi-dry and semi-wet state.(2) warm and hot, turn the towel on the back, and a quarter of it is slowly and laterally hot. Do not press the seams of the edge...

Material properties of custom silk scarves


Silk, bright beautiful, noble, certain content of straight wire, can make the product more smooth feel, organize more dense, rich luster, comfortable, elegant, elegant, has the good elasticity strengt...

Hand Painted High Quality Hot Selling Lotus Parrern Silk Scarf


The scarf is inspired by sunset poured under the lotus lotus blooming beauty, with gold, like the Buddha under the seat of the lotus, lingqibiren, magnificent. Show lotus graceful gestures with exquis...

Where does the silk scarf come from


In the middle ages around the middle ages, cloth scarves from northern France, which began in northern Europe or ancient times, were considered the originals of modern scarves. After the middle of the...

Cashmere scarf is an expensive fashion accessory, as well as a gift for friends and relatives.


        The cashmere scarf is divided into knitted scarves and woven scarves. Knitting scarves similar to cashmere sweater, with flat knitting machine to produc...

National soccer game event promotional customized design 100% acrylic knitted football


There is a youth called Kobe Kobe, December 19th No. 8 and No. 24 Jersey, waiting in front of the computer at dead of night, the crowded auditorium pain to the hoarse voice, engraved with Kobe's n...

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