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The goddess of happiness day Han Zuoyun silk scarf brand in shandong province womens federation scarves kun tiedye study series activity a complete success!


To celebrate the 108th anniversary of international women's day "38", [Han Zuoyun ® silk scarf 】 brand in shandong province women's federation held scarves kun tie-dye study serie...

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How do silk scarves match more?


       If the body is moderate, the complexion is white, the neck is slender, then you are suitable to wear colourful silk scarf, such as peach, lake blue, bright yellow,...

Han Zuoyun ® brand scarves in the 28th east China import and export fair on March 1 to 4th


Since 1991, the China fair has successfully held 27 sessions. The 27th was held at Shanghai new international expo center, east China fair exhibition area of 120900 square meters, with 5670 standard b...

What is the sweetest gift for valentines day


Valentine's day is coming up on February 14, just before the Spring Festival, so this valentine's day is also very lively and solemn. Friends have been preparing gifts for more than a month in...

Scarf processing wholesale manufacturers share the etiquette of womens clothing.


        Dress etiquette is a kind of code of behavior that people show respect and friendship to each other in the process of communication and achieve the harmony o...

How to choose a silk scarf that suits your face shape?


Round face: the face is full of people, if want to let the face looks like some fresh, to be able to hang silk scarves of some stretched as far as possible, focusing on the vertical sense, and pay att...

How to collect silk scarves?


Silk scarves can be used to hang trousers for a special hanger, first put the silk scarf in a cloth to hang again, so that the wrinkling can be avoided. Fold material silk scarf is best rolled into re...

Han zuo yun silk scarf brand with traditional auspicious patterns custom silk scarves, playing with the Chinese wind.


      Pomegranate is a symbol of many children and many blessings. A large fruit has a small number of small particles, and the film is neatly separated into several parts, th...

All kinds if scarves for you to choose


[Han Zuoyun] is the Phoenix The Phoenix has appeared. silk auspicious symbol of God, one of the Chinese traditional decorative patterns of ancient. Phoenix fly nine days, the body seems to be accompan...

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