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Do you know the Dragon Boat Festival in China


The Dragon Boat Festival is also called "noon day, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, bath orchid festival" and so on. The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional cultural festival popular in Chin...

Make Dads day become special


Father's day is tailor-made for fathersFather's day activities: calm moved, forever grateful!1. Han zuoyun's tie is customized for a special show. He records the moments of his father and ...

Do you know the origin of June 1 childrens day


June 1 every year is the international children's day, which is the world's children's day. Do you know the origin of this festival? There are two common ways of saying this. Let's see...

Han zuoyun taoyuan silk series won the silver award in the 2018 national peach wood tourism product innovation design competition


2018 national mahogany travel products innovation design competition has ended successfully, this year's contest with "delicate and exquisite, high quality development" as the theme, fro...

What kind of scarf is suiatbel for winter?


With the time going on,winter is very close to us.We are a manufacture of scarf and shawls,we can provide wool ,cashmere and viscose scarf in winter,such as follows:More products welcome to www.glorys...

New fashion neckwear is coming


Would you like to learn som neckwear ?As for the neckwear ,we have some new style ties for men.Paisley pattern neckwear is very popular in world .If you want to custom ,welcome to contact me.Name:Alis...

High quality silk satin lotus pattern scarf


Our own design silk satin scarf,the pattern is designed by oour own designer,the scarf fabric is very soft and comfortable.Beautiful and elegant.Except our own design,we can also custom your pattern,s...

What are the benefits of wearing a silk scarf?


The landscape on the silk scarf is more personal, more fashionable; The more comfortable, the more popular, so the silk scarf plays an important role in the trend of developing personality. In particu...

Tie Set With Good Quality


While we are making scarves, we also produce some men's ties that we hope will win our customers' favor.Except these design,we also have other designs and accept custom with your own design,so...

The silk scarf is cleverly matched, allowing him to look at you in the crowd.


Elizabeth Taylor said, women who do not wear silk scarves are the least promising women.Audrey Hepburn once said, when I wore a silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, a beautiful woman. I have o...

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